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6 Cost Saving Tips for Summer!

Most home owners will not realize the expenses that go into cooling a home for the whole summer season. During these months, it is likely you will want to remain both cool and comfortable (without putting a HUGE dent in your wallet!). Keep these tips in mind during warm months and you'll be sure to [...]

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Buyers: Pay Attention to Detail

Trying to decide on which contractor to install your Air Conditioning and/or Heating system can be a difficult decision. When choosing a contractor, you are forming a trusting relationship. At Sigma Mechanical Services, we want to make sure you are comfortable with our professional decisions, while taking into consideration that they may differ from what [...]

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Why Should YOu Consider IAQ?

For those who aren’t familiar, “IAQ” stands for “Indoor Air Quality”.  The quality of the air we breathe is vital to our everyday health. Air contaminants can cause anything from short term affects such as eye/skin/throat irritation, to long term affects such as asthma, respiratory disease and even cancer. Most people will not even notice [...]

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