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Most home owners will not realize the expenses that go into cooling a home for the whole summer season. During these months, it is likely you will want to remain both cool and comfortable (without putting a HUGE dent in your wallet!). Keep these tips in mind during warm months and you’ll be sure to save energy AND money!

  1. Seal those Ducts! Leaky duct-work compromises the efficiency of an HVAC system and can cause 25% loss of energy in an average size home (According to the Consumer Energy Center). Cleaning and sealing the ducts are two very different things, and you’ll want a professional contractor to do the sealing.
  1. Change the filters in your Air Conditioner. If the filter is dirty the air conditioner has to run longer to cool a space.
  1. Update your thermostat. Automated Thermostats are a great way to alter the temp indoors when the temp outdoors changes. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of adding a complete new HVAC system and duct-work Automatic Thermostats are a great upgrade and will lead to cost savings.
  1. Performing Preventative Maintenance is the best way to save money for the life of your system. Once dirt and debris build up in the system you see premature system failure and soaring energy bills. Unclean systems draw an additional 30% of energy. The SIGMA boys create a personalized PM plan for you.
  1. Adjust your thermostat for summer savings. Turn the AC up just one degree, it’s unlikely you’ll even notice. You save an average of 6% for each degree the thermostat is raised. Get gutsy and turn the ac down when there’s low traffic in the house.
  1. Use your ceiling fans. Fans bring the temperature of a room down 5 degrees. They cost a lot less to run than Air Conditioning does.

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