Trying to decide on which contractor to install your Air Conditioning and/or Heating system can be a difficult decision. When choosing a contractor, you are forming a trusting relationship. At Sigma Mechanical Services, we want to make sure you are comfortable with our professional decisions, while taking into consideration that they may differ from what you want. However, we are always looking to do what is best for our customers. In trusting the professional contractor you chose for the work, you trust that their professional decisions are always made with you in mind. These decisions may include where to place your units, or where to run duct-work, etc. making things easier for you in the long-run. Below lists some reasons why it is important to remember that the professional who is looking out for you, knows what is best.

  • Codes – There are codes contractors need to adhere to when installing equipment
  • Efficiency – Depending where a system is placed can also affect how well it will run
  • Noise
  • Service calls – Depending where equipment is placed (in a confined space for example), it may be difficult for service technicians to come service your system if needed

We can’t always accommodate customers wishes exactly the way they want, for the reasons listed above. However, we try to do our best to come to the most reasonable solution. Rich Bernard, our salesman, always tries to effectively portray what is going on to our customers before it happens. He goes on appointments and evaluates the home to figure out a plan that will work the best. He makes sure that everyone will be on the same page at the time of the appointment, before any work is done. This means that homeowners should always try to be available during these appointments, making it easy for questions to be answered.

This also applies when the install process has begun. When homeowners aren’t available, our mechanics can’t ask questions, thus causing the Install Manager, Chris Briggs, to make the best educated decision. When plans change unexpectedly, this can cause confusion as well as unhappy customers. We take pride in doing what is best for our customers, so it is always helpful to do your best to have available for our mechanics during installation. This will lead to a satisfied and happy end result for everyone!