Should you Cover your Air Conditioning Condenser for the Winter?

Living in New England offers many perks: ocean living, epic fall colors and the best sports—for the most part! Unfortunately, every severe winter brings a reality check. As you can imagine Condenser Units are designed to be outside for 15-20 years, and to withstand harsh conditions. If you live in the South or the Mid-West you probably don’t need to cover your unit, but with more rugged New England winters protecting it is strongly urged.

The Benefits of Covering your AC for the Winter:
On the coast the salt in the air gets onto the blades over the winter months = no good. Keep out pine needles, leaves and snow, and unwelcome critters from finding a home through the winter with a cover. We suggest purchasing a Factory Approved Cover. Home Depot or the local Hard Ware store has AC Covers that will last about a year. The Factory Approved Covers are made from more durable and heavy grade material and will last 5-6 years. Which make them well worth the investment. There’s also a risk of potentially damaging a  system if the cover isn’t designed for the unit. There must be space at the bottom to allow for proper ventilation. Give us a call with the exact unit, make, model and serial number and we can order you one. They’re priced reasonably and strongly suggested.

Important Reminder:
When the summer heat sets in don’t forget to take the cover off! We’ve seen it more than once. When the seasons change you’ll want to call SIGMA, or your local HVAC Company to perform your system check up and be sure everything is ready to go.

Have you used an Air Conditioning Cover in the past? Do you find it an important part of your winter weatherization program?

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Should you Cover your Air Conditioning Condenser for the Winter?

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