Oil to Gas Conversion, is it Worth it?

Jeremy, Sigma’s Lead Technician knows the savings of switching. He says, “It’s a lot cheaper to run gas. I did a conversion for my Grandmother and her bill went from $500 a month to $200 for a couple of months. It’s insane how much cheaper it is.”

Oil to Gas conversions are a multi-step process, the costs vary depending if the street already has a gas line, the cost of running a line to the house, and the model of the furnace. The gas company runs a line to the house and puts in a meter bar. A mechanical company like Sigma pipes the gas from the meter bar to the house and puts the final exception on the gas fired furnace or gas fired boiler. The gas company comes back to inspect it and turns it on.

Oil to Gas Conversion

The bottom line:
— The equipment’s efficiency ratings are much higher. Most oil burners are 80-85% efficient, but gas boilers run at 90%+ efficiency. And you can find them as high as 96%. The initial investment is there, of course, but your running costs and fuel costs go way down — the equipment consumes less fuel and less electricity to run.
— “The price of heating oil is expected to rise in the Northeast this winter to $4.35 a gallon, up 31% from $3.31 this past winter and up 73% from $2.51 two years ago, according to the federal Energy Information Administration’s forecast.”-Wall Street Journal.
— Natural gas is abundant in the US, so there’s no dependency on foreign oil.
— Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel.
— You don’t have to worry about coordinating with, shoveling, and leaving a check for the oil man.
— The maintenance of a furnace is much easier and cleaner than a boiler.

Save up to $1900 on Current Rebates:
David Tucker, Sigma’s owner says, “Now’s a great time to take advantage conversion rebates from Gas Networks. Boilers are up to $1200 back. Combine boiler and water and get $1500 back. Purchase a Natural Gas Boiler with an indirect hot water heater and get $1900 back.”

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Oil to Gas Conversion, is it Worth it?

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